Cookie Policy

1. Introduction

We, ”Youda Games Holding B.V.”, use cookies and similar techniques (”cookies”) on our websites. This Cookie Policy explains how we use cookies and how you can prevent cookies being set. For more information on the details of processes for which the cookies are used and what your rights are if your personal data is processed please refer to our Privacy Policy.

2. What are cookies and similar techniques?

A cookie is a small text file stored on your device. Every time you visit the related website or your device requests content from the related servers the content of the cookie is attached to the request to the server.

There are similar techniques as cookies such as Flash cookies, web beacons, small graphic files (pixels) and an additional HTML5 (local) storage in your browser. These techniques function in a similar manner as cookies. Where we refer to ”cookies” in this Cookie Policy, we also mean similar techniques.

a. Cookie Parties

There are cookies set by us and only readable for us (”1st Party Cookies”). In addition, we embed content from other websites, e.g. graphics or advertising scripts. Once your device requests this content cookies may be set by the other websites (”3rd Party Cookies”). These cookies are only readable for the 3rd Party.

b. Cookie Types

Some cookies are essential for the functionality of the website or app (”essential cookies”). An example for essential cookies are cookies allowing you to login on our platforms.

Non-essential cookies are:

  • Cookies ensuring a better user experience (”comfort cookies”). For example we may send you news via desktop push notifications, if you have given your consent.
  • Cookies allowing tracking for e.g. social media purposes (”tracking cookies”). For example we use a web analytics service to measure the performance of our website.
  • Cookies for advertising purposes (”advertising cookies”). For example we display personalized ads on our websites, if you have given your consent. In this case advertising cookies will be set to provide you a better ad experience.

3. When do we place cookies?

Cookies which are not essential will be set only in case you have given consent. Whether cookies can be set on your device depends on your browser settings (see ”6. How can I prevent cookies being set or delete cookies?”).

4. Which 1st Party Cookies may be set?

Essential cookies

Name Lifetime Description
_cfduid 1 year The cookie set by our hosting and security partner Cloudflare is used to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address to apply security settings on a per client basis.
PHPSESSID Browser session Used to enable website forms for essential functional purposes. As an example an error message may be displayed if a form has been filled in incorrectly.

5. Which 3rd Party Cookies may be set?

As described in detail in our Privacy Policy, we work together with our partner companies (”3rd Parties”). These companies may set additional 3rd Party Cookies on your device. We have no direct influence on the cookies set by them. The names and lifetimes of the cookies may be technically changed by the 3rd Parties at any time. We do regular data scans every 4 months to check whether the 3rd Party Cookie settings has been changed. If we notice any changes, we will update this document.

Our list of 3rd Parties provides an overview which 3rd Parties we work together with and where you can find the privacy notices of each 3rd Party.

Category Name Lifetime Description 3rd Party Software
Essential cookies __cfduid 12 months Used to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-client basis for security purposes. Cloudflare on MONOPOLY Poker

6. How can I prevent cookies being set or delete cookies?

You can prevent cookies being set or delete existing cookies through your browser settings. If you decide to disable all cookies the functionality of the website may be impaired. Furthermore, you can withdraw the consent you gave for cookies being set at any time under the link ”privacy settings” or you can exercise your right to withdraw your consent by contacting us as described in our Privacy Notice.

Information on how you can prevent or delete cookies can be found on the support website of your web browser. You can delete all cookies regardless of their ”lifetime”. For the most popular browsers you can find the information on these websites:

7. How often will we amend this Cookie Policy?

We will amend this Cookie Policy when we implement new technologies and functions. We will inform you in case of major changes using notifications, pop-ups (e.g. asking for your consent again), emails or in similar ways.

The last amendment has been made on:

Version Last updated
1.0 Monday, 24 February 2020

8. Whom can I ask in case of questions?

Any questions or complaints regarding privacy and cookie issues may be sent to [email protected].